Specialists in the Control of Odors and Corrosion in Sewer Systems and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

• Odor and corrosion control technology

• Odor emissions inventories

• Sewer corrosion assessments

• Corrosion protection systems

• Innovative technology


B.S. Civil Engineering, University of New Hampshire, 1973
M.S. Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, 1976

P.E. Sanitary Engineering -
Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio

• Water Environment Federation
• New England Water
Environment Association
• Maine Wastewater Control
• Air and Waste Management
• WEF Air Quality and Odor
Control Committee
Robert P.G. Bowker has over 30 years' experience in the planning, design, and operation of wastewater facilities. His career includes nine years with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Research and Development and over 20 years as a consulting engineer. Since 1985, Mr. Bowker has specialized in the control of odors in wastewater collection and treatment systems, solid waste processing and landfill operations, and industrial processes and waste management facilities. Mr. Bowker is considered an international expert in odor and corrosion control in waste handling systems.


• Preparing, as principal author, the 1985 EPA Design Manual on Odor and Corrosion Control in Sanitary Sewers and Treatment Plants and the 1991 EPA Report to Congress on Sulfide Corrosion in Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems.

• Conducting odor emission surveys and evaluating odor control alternatives for wastewater treatment facilities from 0.5 to 300 mgd in over 50 cities throughout the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

• Directing or participating in comprehensive sulfide monitoring and corrosion control projects in St. Petersburg, FL, Tempe, AZ, Framingham, MA, Syracuse, NY, Edmonton, Alberta, Collier County, FL, and Henrico County, VA.

• Designing and providing design assistance for odor control systems in Keene, NH, Cromwell, CT, Portland, ME, Concord, NH, Fitchburg, MA, Lexington, KY, Singapore, Perth, Australia, and elsewhere.

• Contributing author of 1995 WEF MOP 22 Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants, 2001 IWA Odours in Wastewater Treatment, and 2003 WEF Control of Odors and Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants."

• Serving as independent peer reviewer for major odor/corrosion control projects in Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC, and Santa Cruz, CA.


City of Los Angeles Independent Odor Control Review.
Bowker & Associates, Inc. was selected by the City of Los Angeles, the State of California, and U.S. EPA to provide an independent review of the City of LA Sewer Odor Control Program as required by a Court settlement regarding sewer odor emissions.

Collier County, FL Odor/Corrosion Control Project.
Bowker & Associates worked with a major national engineering firm to assess and control odors and corrosion in a large, complex wastewater collection system in Collier County, Florida.

Lexington, KY Town Branch WWTP Odor Control Project.
Bowker & Associates assisted a local engineering firm in the evaluation and design of innovative odor control improvements that included odor treatment by activated sludge diffusion and oxygen ionization.

Washington, DC Odor Control Peer Review.
Bowker & Associates was selected to provide expert peer review for a comprehensive assessment of odor emissions and their control for the 350 mgd Blue Plains WWTP in Washington, DC.

Salem, MA and New Bedford, MA Odor Control Optimization Studies.
Bowker & Associates conducted odor control optimization studies and fugitive odor emissions surveys at two 30 mgd wastewater treatment plants in eastern Massachusetts.

Onondaga County Odor Control Projects.
Bowker & Associates conducted comprehensive odor assessment and control projects for the 80 mgd Syracuse Metro WWTP as well as the Baldwinsville and Oak Orchard WWTPs operated by the County of Onondaga.

City of Edmonton Odor/Corrosion Control Projects.
Bowker & Associates has worked with a large Canadian engineering firm on multiple projects involving odors and corrosion in the sewer system, treatment plant, and off-site sludge treatment/storage facility serving the City of Edmonton, Alberta.

Henrico County, VA Odor and Corrosion Control Assessment.
Bowker & Associates worked with a national engineering firm to conduct a comprehensive assessment of odors and corrosion in a large wastewater collection system. Recommendations included an innovative iron-peroxide chemical addition process, a cost-saving biological scrubber system, and rehabilitation of corroded sewer lines.

City of Mamaroneck, NY Odor and Noise Control at a Solid Waste Transfer Station.
Bowker & Associates worked with Webster Environmental Associates to quantify the odor and noise emissions from the waste transfer station, and assess their impact via dispersion modeling. Recommendations included use of high-velocity dispersion fans, collection and treatment of odorous air, and multiple noise control systems.


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